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Therapy / Counselling

Achieve a deeper understanding and personal development

Treatment Options

Healing from Life's Challenges Through Counselling

Facilitating a journey of recovery, where expertise meets compassion, guiding individuals towards resilience, strength, and serenity.

Sexual Violence

Empowering you to regain a sense of control and agency, overcome the symptoms related to sexual violence while increasing the coping skills to manage day-to day challenges.

Intimate Partner Violence

Creating a sense of safety and well-being as you regain control over your life. Helping you heal from emotional wounds moving forward towards healthier relationships.


Providing a respectful and supportive space for mourning and growth which honours each person’s unique story to help find peace following your loss.

Life Transition

Guiding clients to cope with emotional
and practical challenges that arise
during times of transition. Our goal is to
adjust, grow and thrive.

Work Stress

Addressing personal and professional pressures with strategies that cultivate a healthy balance, productivity, personal and professional fulfillment.

Relationship Difficulties / Infidelity

Tackling relationship challenges striving for harmony and mutual growth. Providing a non- judgmental approach toward resolution and understanding of the complexities of infidelity.

Family Counselling

Exploring strategies to enhance harmonious family dynamics through deep understanding and strategic communication, nurturing relationships with compassion and care.

Attachment Issues

Navigating attachment challenges,
fostering secure bonds and
emotional growth.

Premarital Counselling

Preparing couples for a shared
future together while offering strategies
and understanding for a strong,
enduring partnership.


Developing coping skills to create a place of calm amidst life’s chaos, by practising strategies that restore balance and empower individuals to navigate anxiety.


Instilling hope and resilience by
finding strategies to better understand
and manage symptoms in order to
increase coping and joy.
Treatment Options

Explore diverse, effective therapies tailored to your needs

Addressing trauma's significant impact on daily life with compassion, using evidence-based approaches to pave the path to healing.
Utilizing a structured protocol this innovative therapy developed in the late 1980s alleviates traumatic stress, promoting emotional recover from a range of traumatic experiences.
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Integrating the body's wisdom in therapy, this approach addresses trauma and attachment issues, fostering holistic healing and mind-body unity.
Strengths-Based Therapy
Empowering individuals by utilizing individuals innate strengths and resources, fostering resilience and personal growth.
Gottman Method of Couples Therapy
Strengthening relationship bonds with research-based strategies, addressing conflicts and nurturing mutual understanding and respect.
Brief Solution-Focused Therapy
Navigating current issues towards change, this approach concentrates on crafting solutions based on people's resources and past successes.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Blending cognitive and behavioural strategies, this therapy reshapes thought patterns, promoting emotional stability.
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Developing skills in the areas of mindfulness, interpersonal relationships, distress tolerance and emotional regulation.

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Embrace a tailored therapeutic approach for lasting change. Contact me to begin your path to resilience and well-being.